Over the last four years, Dow has been an outspoken advocate for re-investment in our physical infrastructure as one of King County’s biggest generational responsibilities. By building coalitions of the County, city, state, and federal governments and others, Dow is creating the foundation for long-term prosperity and lasting, positive change for the people of King County.


Key accomplishments of the last four years include:

Emergency repairs to the Howard Hanson Dam – Major storms and record high water in January 2009 significantly damaged the Howard Hanson Dam, endangering residents, businesses, and property in the Green River Valley. When Dow took office in November of that year, he worked diligently with the Green River cities, the Governor, Senator Patty Murray and others to secure $44 million in federal emergency funding and allow the Army Corps of Engineers to quickly repair the dam and safeguard thousands of lives and acres of property, and our regional economy.


New South Park Bridge fully funded – When Dow took office, one of his first tough decisions was to close the dangerously deteriorated South Park Bridge. Under Dow's regional leadership a coalition of businesses, community leaders, and local, port, state, and federal governments, raised $134 million toward the construction of the new South Park Bridge. Although funding the replacement span was once thought to be an impossible task, the new bridge will open in early 2014, facilitating freight movement and helping a diverse, working class neighborhood to thrive.


Revitalization of Pioneer Square through mixed-use development – With Dow’s strong support, construction of the long-awaited North Lot development next to CenturyLink Field has begun. The project, located on part of the old Kingdome parking lot formerly owned by King County, will create up to 2,700 construction jobs and more than $700 million in economic activity over the next decade. When complete, it will draw new residents, workers and shoppers to one of the region’s oldest neighborhoods.