Inslee, Constantine kick off exchange enrollment at Seattle clinic

Tue, Oct 1, 2013

Gov. Jay Inslee and King County Executive Dow Constantine chose the Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center in the Central Area for Tuesday’s kick off of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act.

The center’s executive director, Linda McVeigh, said it was fitting that Carolyn Downs, a part of Country Doctor Community Health Centers, was selected for the event since the community clinics together have the highest concentration of uninsured patients. Some 53 percent of the clinics’ patients lack insurance coverage, she said.

“No matter what kind of shenanigans there is back in Washington D.C., Washington state is moving forward with health care,” Inslee said. “We are open for business….’’

After listening to four patients describe the importance of health care to their own lives, Inslee  said, “This isn’t some ideological discussion…. This is about real people who will now have a great shot moving forward.”

Constantine said county agencies are geared up to help people enroll. Across the county, he said, about 180,000 adults — one in six ­ — will be newly eligible for expanded Medicaid or reduced premiums from the 40 different health plans available in the county.

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