Editorial: Dow Constantine for King County Executive

Tue, Oct 8, 2013

Dow Constantine deserves to be re-elected — and no doubt will be re-elected — as King County executive.

He has done a good job even in the eyes of many who voted for his opponent. He has been an able administrator of county government during a time of prolonged economic weakness.

Because of his success, nobody of stature has run against him. His opponent, Alan Lobdell, is a man who has never held political office and has raised almost no money.

Voters should stick with Constantine. He should realize, though, that the political system is letting him off easy. He needs to continue to push for more reforms and be careful with the county’s expenses, particularly for personnel, even as the economy grows. He should also take a more skeptical view of proposals to build sports stadiums in places where they don’t belong.

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